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Project Management

Professional Organization

Every landscaping job is supervised by a Certified Crew Leader to assure the project is done right and completed on time. Northwest Landscaping offers a professional landscaping designer who will work with you from start to finish, overseeing quality and the fulfillment of your vision.  Whether it is a new project or additions to an existing property, Northwest Landscaping has the experienced staff to do the total landscaping job.

When working closely with Northwest Landscaping LLC you:

  • Develop a grounds maintenance program and budget
  • Set standards for high-quality care
  • Empower the Landscape Committee to assess the needs
  • Work with specifications as a “Request for Proposal” rather than low bid award
  • Get to know the qualifications of the contractors and their personnel
  • Provide guidelines for insurance coverage and environmental responsibilities
  • Set goals and monitor the progress of service and enhancements